Workshops for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Over the past several years, I have developed a series of workshops to introduce innovators and entrepreneurs to topics within the several areas that are critical to their success.

These workshops are designed to be held in one day or over several weeks and each has four two or three hour modules with additional material available before the workshop for preparation. Participants will have material presented to them in class in the form of an interactive lecture. Then for each module they will work together in class to solve problems and get together as a larger group to discuss this work.

Workbooks are available to guide participants through the development of skills and can be used in class or outside of it.

In multi-day sessions, participants will complete assignments outside of class that tie directly into their work. These assignments can be handed in and feedback given on them although no grades are issued.

 Triggers and Barriers

Innovators, whether they are within a company or starting out as entrepreneurs need to understand the potential market reaction to their innovative new product or service. This workshop helps innovators understand the market triggers, barriers and competitive forces so that they can assess the market potential for innovation. This workshop presents a framework for market analysis that goes to the heart of buyer behaviour.

  • The workshop introduces methodologies for buyer Research that help innovators understand the Triggers that will cause a prospective buyer to seek a solution to his or her problem.
  • Innovators will learn how to use Design Thinking to figure out what Barriers will get in the way of the acceptance of their innovation on the marketplace.
  • Participants will learn to analyze Competitive Differentiation to better understand the competitive forces that their product or service launch will face.
  • Finally, they will use a framework to create a Value Proposition that incorporates these market forces..


 Connecting Strategy with Action

The purpose of this workshop is to improve a manager’s ability to execute strategy. I help managers understand the process of leadership so that their employees know what is expected of them, how they are doing, and how they can improve. This is how a managers connects an employee’s work with the company’s strategy.

  • Managers learn to create effective Metrics to enable employees to understand how their job fits into the strategy of the company and what they have to do to enable the company to meet its strategic objectives.
  • Through metrics a manager improve the employee’s Job description and become more effective at Delegation thus enabling an employee to better understand what they have to do to be successful.
  • Metrics also improve Performance Management and Communication so an employee knows how they are doing.
  • Finally, managers learn to use metrics as a foundation for Coaching employees and improving their Motivation.


Content Marketing

In launching innovative new products or services, marketers need to be aware of the buyer’s perspective and how buyers use information to come to make a purchase decision. This workshop introduces technology innovators and entrepreneurs to the five stages of the buying process and the types of information buyers need at each stage to reach a decision. It shows how to create research-based marketing content and use that in conjunction with sales campaigns to drive revenue.

  • The workshop shows how to use Secondary Research to create material for Articles, Speeches and other content that will make buyers aware of your offerings.
  • It demonstrates how to conduct Primary Research in order to create White Papers, Infographics, and Blogs to provide content to buyers who are searching for relevant information about their options.
  • It shows how to turn that research into interactive content for use in Web Apps and Client Audits to enable prospects to evaluate their options.
  • Participants learn how to use client based research to create Financial Models, Case Studies, and Videos to assist in a prospect’s purchase decision.
  • Finally, participants learn how to use proprietary data to provide material for Newsletters and regular Email Campaigns to maintain a relationship with clients post purchase.