If you want to figure out how to be better at executing on plans another way of learning  is to attend a course I teach at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies as part of their Advanced Strategic Leadership Certificate.

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Connecting Strategy with Action.

It is often said that a good strategy well implemented is worth a lot more than a great strategy that is poorly implemented.

One of the biggest problems in business today is not coming up with strategy but with implementing it. The advent of the knowledge economy has exacerbated this problem, as companies no longer have the dials and levers of the industrial age through which they can measure and manage strategic implementation.

Instead, strategy in the knowledge economy is implemented through people leadership. The role of the leader is much more fundamental in order to improve employee engagement and increase return on people by connecting the company’s strategy to the daily action of all employees.

This course explores new ways of looking at effective organizations and new ways of effectively translating strategy into implementation through a mature framework and the use of projects and programs. It uses theory and research to back up concrete ways to improve strategic implementation.

Connecting Strategy with Action is designed for anyone who wants to ensure that they are getting the best results that they can from what they have to work with.  This course qualifies for 18 professional development units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute.

If you’re interested in attending, you can get more information here.