Keynotes are a great way to build awareness for an issue or for trends, to make people start to think about what they can be doing differently. Innovators and entrepreneurs live in a world of ambiguity and anything that can be done to help resolve that ambiguity is of great value to them.

In giving talks, I try to focus on building awareness of a trend and demonstrating how successful companies have capitalized on the trend. These talks change slightly every time I give them, mainly as a result of the research I’m doing. But they essentially resolve around helping left-brained technology people understand human emotion and behaviour.

Boiling The Ocean

With 30,000 new products introduced in North America every year, consumers are inundated with new offerings but left confused about their choices. Marketers contribute to the problem by failing to provide a clearly differentiated offering from their competition.

This talk looks at competitive differentiation as the key element in product strategy, and examines how companies such as Google, Apple, Uber, Tesla, Amazon, AirBNB have boiled the ocean by competing simultaneously on multiple dimensions, reducing ambiguity, and connecting to customers through their emotions.

Participants will leave this session with a new perspective on business strategy and a clear understanding of how they can be the clearest voice in a noisy marketplace.

Triggers and Barriers

We live in a world where 90% of new products fail and 75% of startups don’t last five years. And the number one reason both products and startups fail is that there is no market for them.It’s really mind boggling to think of all of the resources wasted in product and company development to find that there is no market. Why does this happen? I think it is because innovators don’t understand what makes consumers tick. They don’t understand how consumers buy.

This talk examines how consumers look at innovation; what triggers them to buy, what barriers get in the way and how they look at you compared to the competition. It shows how successful marketers have capitalized on this knowledge of consumer behaviour to successfully launch innovative new products into the world.

Connecting Strategy with Action

One of the biggest challenges in business today is putting strategy into action. Strategy in the knowledge economy is implemented through leadership by people, making the role of the leader more fundamental than ever. This speech looks at what employees want; to know what success is, to know how they’re doing and to understand how to improve.

It looks at how successful companies such as Intel and Google have made metrics and OKRs a fundamental part of how they manage. The talk is fundamentally about helping left-brained technology managers understand how they can better meet employees emotional needs. (And I do that without really discussing emotions.)

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