Keynotes, Workshops, and Teaching

Over the last 35 plus years, I’ve met with over a thousand technology innovators, some of whom went on to become entrepreneurs. It was only lately though that I noticed that many of them are challenged, much like I was, to understand human behaviour. Unfortunately, when you are at school to become a STEM professional (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) you don’t take many courses that focus on human behaviour.

But understanding human behaviour is essential to become a successful innovator. Three of the greatest problems innovators face are figuring out where the market is for their product or service, figuring out how to sell to prospects, and figuring out how to lead their team. All of these processes require an understanding of human behaviour to be able to succeed.

The funny thing is that I discovered this because of a few problems I have had in each of these areas. In order to help others learn how to better understand human behaviour I started speaking and teaching on this subject. These talks are all designed to help innovators and entrepreneurs better understand human behaviour and to enable them to learn and adopt best practices for growing successful businesses.

If you want more details on keynotes and workshops you can check out my press kit here.


Keynotes are a great way to build awareness for an issue, to make people start to thinking about something differently. The world is changing rapidly and it is causing big changes in how consumers and employees behave. Smart organizations have figured out these changes and capitalized on them.

These talks change slightly every time I give them, mainly as a result of the research I’m doing. But they essentially revolve around framing customer and employee behaviour in a new and perhaps radical way to enable innovators and entrepreneurs to better meet their needs


The workshops I give build upon the topics explored in my speeches. Through exercises and interactive discussions I help participants understand how changes in consumer and employee behaviour are affecting them. Workshops are typically given to smaller groups and involve time for work and discussion. They enable participants to leave the workshop having developed a plan for how they can implement what they learned.


If you want to go back to university to improve your skills, I teach at the undergraduate level at U of T but I also teach at their School of Continuing Studies as part of their Advanced Strategic Leadership Certificate.


I’ve put a page together of some of the speeches I have done over the years. These are all long form videos, around an hour in length and are a good examples of how you can explore a topic in that amount of time.