The Seventies

images-1Imagine as you leave work tonight that you’re living in the seventies. You clean off your desk, tidy your office and turn off the lights. That’s it. When you get back to work on Monday morning, your work would be exactly as you left it.

  • There would be no mail waiting as mail wasn’t delivered on Saturdays at work.
  • No one would have sent you any faxes because they weren’t in use yet.
  • No one could have left you a phone message as there was no voice mail and no one would have answered the phone after hours.
  • There wouldn’t be any interoffice memos as no one else would have been in the office either.
  • No one could have emailed you as you didn’t even have a computer.
  • There would have been nothing to check on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Work would have been exactly as you left it. No change whatsoever.

Wouldn’t that be incredibly freeing to feel that now?

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  1. Ahhh, those were the days. No offense meant to our parents, but I think we work harder or more constantly than they did back in the day. That’s why I make it a priority to seize the moment and play whenever I can, like this morning when I awoke to 5cms of fresh fluffy snow, -6c temp and the sun shining. Probably the last chance for a good winter conditions x-c ski so I went out for a wonderful couple of hours and got to work at noon. Yes, lots of new things waiting for me since I left last night at 7:30 (to go to a camp reunion), but I was refreshed and ready to tackle them.


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