Charles Plant

Charles Plant

While I’m technically a serial entrepreneur, I’m too interested in the next big thing to focus long enough to make something really big. I love the startup phase but I’m really more interested in research and analysis than I am in creating products and don’t care very much about making money.

I have an MBA in marketing and was trained as a Chartered Accountant and a banker (although why I became a CA or a banker is beyond me as they weren’t good fits for me.).

I spent 15 years as co founder and CEO of Synamics, a telecommunications software firm that provided mass calling platforms to telcos. Since then I’ve co-founded two other technology companies and been an officer, director or investor in a dozen others. I’ve also provided financing, consulting and coaching services to several dozen other firms and provided training to thousands.

I spent four years at MaRS ending as CFO. For most of my time at MaRS I was heading up a group of former entrepreneurs and specialists who developed thought leadership, provided education, mentorship, market intelligence and capital to over 2,000 technology startups in Ontario. That’s where I spent considerable time developing digital media and content and the idea for Material Minds was born.

Among several other jobs in management consulting and investment banking, I spent seven years on the faculty of York’s Schulich School of Business. I’m now spending a lot of time at the University of Toronto where I’m a Senior Fellow at the Impact Centre doing research on innovation and entrepreneurship. I also teach an undergraduate course in the Faculty of Arts and Science and a course in Strategy Execution for the School of Continuing Studies.

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These are the technology related businesses I’ve been directly involved with as an officer or director, successes, warts, failures and all.  In fact I learned lots more from the failures that I did from the successes. The great thing is that I keep on making new mistakes all the time and learning from them.This list doesn’t include all of the ones I’ve consulted to as I don’t want to put you to sleep from boredom.

  • Synamics – Telecommunications software developer sold to Beacon Live – CoFounder, CEO
  • Apreste Media – Digital Media Content Developer failed due to partnership issues – CoFounder, Chairman
  • Mercanix – Software developer going strong – Chairman
  • The Impact Centre at U of T – Campus Linked Accelerator – Senior Fellow
  • Veloxsites – Digital media software going strong – CFO
  • MaRS Discovery District – Innovation Hub – Managing Director and CFO
  • Investment Accelerator Fund – Seed Capital Fund still investing- CFO
  • MaRS Innovation – Seed Capital Fund still investing – CFO
  • Cogniciti – Software company still in business – CFO
  • Q1 Capital Partners – Technology Investment Banking still going strong – Managing Director
  • Karabus Management – Telecommunications Consultancy sold to PWC- Managing Director
  • Kubas Consultants – Media Consultancy sold – Managing Director
  • Opalis – Software company sold to Microsoft- CFO
  • Futurecom – Telecom hardware still going strong- CFO
  • Powlesland Engineering – Engineering firm – Controller
  • Dionix Greentree Technologies – Software company went public- Controller