Material Minds

This probably sounds like an odd name for a company but it was arrived at with the best of intentions. In order to be successful, you must make an impact. Whether that impact is in your industry, on your company, with your team or only by yourself, your impact must be material. That is to say, your impact better matter. In the knowledge economy you work only with your mind. hence, Material Minds, minds that matter. And that’s what we’re trying to help create.

My focus is on helping technology oriented people understand human behaviour better and apply that understanding in their work. Whether you’re trying to introduce a new product or lead a team, you’ll need to understand your target market in order to make the biggest impact. But you can’t take a left-brained, technology-trained person and get them to understand human behaviour. It’s just too big a leap. So I expose people to frameworks that can help them understand behaviour in a logical and orderly way. (And I try to stay away from discussing feelings as this can be just too confusing.)

Charles Plant

I’ve been around the block a few times as an entrepreneur as a founder and an investor, director, or officer of over a dozen startups. I’ve also spent the last 14 years researching what it takes to be successful as an innovator and entrepreneur. This has given me  a unique understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurial companies experience and an ability to add value through helping you understand your customer and your employees better.

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There’s a lot to think about in terms of building a successful business so don’t be afraid to use us as a sounding board. If you’re really lucky, maybe we’ll even buy you a coffee for letting us pontificate on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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